Add the burger tuning N55 JB4 and expect up to 80 horsepower gains on a completely stock car.
Take your N55 E chassis BMW to the next level with the BMS JB4 stage 2 tuner
Get the Burger Tuning E chassis N55 JB4 for your 135 or 335 BMW and expect up to 80 horsepower increase on a completely stock car. Install of the BMS N55 JB4 takes less than 45 minutes. the BMS JB4 allows user to read and delete codes off the BMW ECU.
We now offer the N55 Burger Tuning JB4 with the newest version board and enclosure. Get the Burger Tuning N55 tuner with 5x the processing power and 2 times the memory. The BMS N55 JB4 connects to the canbus and gives the user features like never before !! Change maps on the fly, read and delete codes, gauge hijacking, control boost by 500 rpm, Set a limit to max boost on first and second gear,etc....
Burger Tuning N55 JB4 now offers 7 preset maps for your different power goals and mods. BMS N55 JB4 also offer a fully custom map for more advanced users and a valet mode map that disables the JB4 and lets car run stock boost. Maps can be changed in less than 10 seconds without the need of a laptop.
Burger Tuning N55 E chassis JB4 works on all E chassis N55 BMW 135 and 335. You can install on a completely stock car and expect 80 horsepower increase. You can also use the N55 JB4 with other mods and expect even more power gains !!

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